Wild foods

Offering the freshest, most seasonal wild foods harvested from the forests and fields of British Columbia’s pristine Sunshine Coast. Alexander is a master wild foods harvester sourcing a diverse menu of unique, foraged edibles. Care is taken to harvest with sustainable wildcrafting practices to offer the utmost in seasonally available, quality products. Alex has also developed relationships with local growers and purveyors across B.C. to offer a curated selection of locally grown, choice and distinct produce.

Products are packed and shipped within a day of harvesting from Powell River. Orders can be shipped anywhere in British Columbia, often with overnight delivery. Inquire for product availability, shipping rates and minimum purchase requirements. Preference is given to volume purchases. For current "fresh sheets" and product availability, sign up for our newsletter.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” — John Muir

Projects & press

Supplying the freshest local spruce tips for the delightfully citrusy Tofino Brew Co’s Spruce Tree Ale made by passionate brewers out on the rugged west coast. Look for future special release casks made with wild foraged ingredients.

The "always sold out" Salal Berry Gin from the quirky, talented distillers at Odd Society derives its rich colour and unique flavour from berries hand picked by yours truly. Enjoy this exclusive gin in the West Coast Salal 75 cocktail, featuring Salal Gin, sparkling wine, and lemon.

The legendary Spruce Bud ice cream was developed in partnership with the geniuses at Earnest Ice Cream. Alex continues to source Earnest’s wild foraged products for their seasonal, locally inspired flavours.

The plant-based culinary wizards at Vancouver's The Acorn Restaurant are actively defining what it means to serve sustainable, local food. Alexander has done multiple staff training sessions exploring local ecosystems and foraging for seasonal delights that are featured on both Acorn’s cutting edge bar and food menus.

Hawksworth has developed a "Seasonal Journey Menu" in connection with Alex’s wild foods selection and remain a regular customer for select, exclusive ingredients.

Chef Andrea Carlson (Burdock & Co) has been a close collaborator for over a decade. Consistently working with Alex’s new discoveries, she has used his variety of wild ingredients for her recent cookbook photos.

Alexander represents the highly lauded, Scotland based Botanist Gin as their "Western Canadian Forager". He has toured the distillery and Scottish Hebridean windswept terroir working with Scottish product sourcers. Back at home, Alex works with west coast botanicals and tailored wild crafting experiences for local industry professionals.

Alexander was the resident foraging expert, supplier and tour guide for the Tofino’s world-renowned Wickanninsh Inn. He received an honorable mention in their recent cookbook release, Rustic Elegance on Nature’s Edge and continues to work closely with the kitchen.

Alexander has lead custom, guided experiences for Destination BC. Bringing international media and film crews foraging, they explored local food culture, tasted and showcased the delicacies of our wild province. Alexander has also been known to supply multiple florists with locally harvested and unique floral elements, and continues to work with Studio Full Bloom Florists in Vancouver.

Executive Chef Robert Bartley provisions the kitchens of Rogers Arena with Alex’s wild foraged ingredients. Chef Bartley has enjoyed numerous custom, guided experiences in changing wilderness locations across BC.

Alex Chen is the recipient of the Golden Plates 2018 Canadian Culinary Championship. He takes a collaborative approach to creating seasonally and wild inspired meals for select private events.