Alexander McNaughton
wild food forager & educator

Harvesting wild, unique foods from the deep mossy forests, creeksides, ocean shorelines and farms of the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Come and join him where wild foods grow.

An experienced forager, educator and tour guide, Alexander McNaughton is best known for his passion and talent of hunting wild mushrooms. Alex is always pushing further afield to expand his repertoire of wild harvested edibles, his clients range from restaurants, breweries and distilleries to handmade soap and candle crafters.

Guided foraging tours

Experience the magic of the chanterelle hunt, the taste of high mountain blueberries and briney, ocean seaweeds in a personalized, private group tour.

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Tour in the forest with Alex


Brand ambassador, content creation and specialized product development.

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Wild foods

The freshest, most seasonal wild foods harvested from the forests and fields of British Columbia's pristine Sunshine Coast.

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Praise for Alexander McNaughton

“Wherever we go in the mountains, we find more than we seek.” — John Muir